The Importance of SELF-CARE


Last year I decided that in 2018 my focus would be on self-care. I realized that not only did I neglect my mental health and well-being but that so many others did as well. I think that it is safe to say that this is something everyone needs to read. Most of the time when we think or talk about self-care it seems like a pretty simple concept yet for so many of us it does not come naturally. As human beings, most of us like to do things to please others with very little focus being on ourselves. Making the decision to engage in self-care is deciding to put yourself first.

February is the month of love, so what better way to love yourself than self-care? Some think it sounds very cliche but the fact is that as human beings it is second nature for us to put ourselves last. For mamy of is it is habit to do for others expecting little in return. This is especially the case for mothers. It is my hope that by the end of this blog you are ready to take over the world by first taking care of yourself.

One of the easiest ways to engage in self-care is to de-plug from everything for 15 minutes each day. Its very simple and takes no time at all. By de-plugging you are allowing yourself to breathe, let go of the stress of the day and relax. I started de-pluging before bed each night and it has made a huge difference in the way I feel in the morning and as a result I look forward to my nighttime regime. Another one of my favorite self-care activities is journaling. I am a sucker for books with nice cover, pretty pens and stationary. Journaling is a great way to express your feelings, so if you enjoy writing this may be a great activity for you. It is important to know that not all self-care invoves spending money or going to lavish spas. Self-care is ending a negative relationship, taking a break or reading a book. Self-care is all around us we just need to take advantage of the opportunities to do so.

Self-care is a very individual thing. What you may do to take care of yourself others may not and vice versa. One thing that can help you get into a rhythm is creating a plan or list of some things you want to do. It can be something you have been wanting to scratch off your bucket list or something you were already doing on a regular basis. The point here is to be INTENTIONAL. It is not only important for your mental health but your overall well-being.

Here are my top 5 ideas for improving your mental health and self-esteem through self-care:

  1. Create a compliments list : This can be in your phone, journal or notebook – A list of the things people have complimented you on or said you do well. Refer back to it when you are having a bad day. You can also keep these in a mason jar
  2. Meditate : Start off your day by meditating for 15 minutes – Some of my favorite apps to help with guided medication are “The Calm” and “Headspace”
  3. Be selfish : Do more of what makes you happy unappologetically
  4. Rid yourself of negativity on social media : Are you following people who share negative things, are judgememtal of others, brag too much, etc. Its time to do a cleanse and delete those people. It’s important to surround yourself with positive things and positve people.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone : In order to get different results you have to take different steps. This also applies when it comes to self-care. If doing things for yourself is a challenge then challenge your self and go for the good you’ll thank yourself later

Be good to yourself, after all you only get one shot to do it right.

Click the link below for your free 21 day self-care calendar.

21 Day Self Care Download




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